Selling Your Home

Well, if you found my website then my marketing is working!  Before I give you my philosophy on selling homes let me go back a few years.   In 2007 the market in Las Vegas started to “trend” downwards.   Our inventory was  increasing, days on the market increased, buyer traffic started to decrease.  During the huge real estate boom in Las Vegas, I could put a house on the market and I would get an offer in 1 day.  Actually, 8 hours on my first listing.   Well, now things are very different.  When the economy really fell in 2008, traditional methods of just putting a property on the MLS and getting an offer in a day, were gone.   I examined my business thoroughly and decided to cut back on advertising and market that I wasn’t seeing any results from and started to use my time as the main tool for marketing so I invested in multiple blogging platforms.   This was PERFECT for me, because I could completely target a specific audience and I could control it on my schedule, not a web designer’s time.   Since the majority of buyer start their search online, this was my complete focus.   I currently maintain three blogs:

Your home gets listed on all three of these sites, in addtion to enhanced listings on:

  • Backpage
  • Ebay
  • Yahoo Real Estate
  • Craigs List

In addition, there are multiple social and media marketing venues that are also employed.

  • You Tube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • There are more, but you get the idea.   INTERNET!!

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