Gay Las Vegas

What’s fabulous and gay in Las Vegas? Here are some of the gay bars/clubs in Las Vegas:

Krave Las Vegas: Dance Club in Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino
Charlie’s Las Vegas: Country Western Bar (Lots of Fun on Sundays)
GoodTimes and Escape Lounge: Local Bars
Fun Hog Ranch: Local Leather/Jeans Bar
Buffalo: Leather/Jeans Bar in the “Fruit Loop”
Gypsy’s, 8 1/2, and Pirahna’s: In the “Fruit Loop”
Freezone: Bar/small dance floor, pool tables in “Fruit Loop”
Snick’s Place

Backdoor Lounge: Latino Bar/Club

Las Vegas Lounge: Trans-gender friendly bar

Secret Boutique and Cabaret: Dance Club/Bar with Go-Go dancers

Gay Hotels:

Blue Moon Resort: The Only gay hotel in Las Vegas

Vegas gays don’t ONLY frequent gay establishments.  Since there is officially no “gay” neighborhood in Las Vegas (Not yet), there are gays and lesbians through out the entire city.   Las Vegas has some of the most incredible restaurants and clubs in the world and you will often see some boys at the straight club who gay.   And let’s be honest, who cares if it’s gay as long as it’s fun and accepting??


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